Empowering Youth Leaders with In- and After-School Clubs

Enlisting students during extracurricular times of the school day is a viable way to build youth leaders and maintain a school garden at the same time.


Underground Teaching Resources for Stewarding the Soil

Soil. It’s everywhere, but few people take notice of this incredible resource right beneath our feet. When people do notice the soil, they often see it as something to avoid. “Don’t get dirty,” they warn young children. With these underground resources, you (and your children) can get all the dirt on soil. Children’s Picture Books…

Paperwhite Pinwheels and the Joy of Winter Plants

The Friday before the winter break can be a nightmare for teachers and parents alike. The anticipation of the holiday makes children restless and the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations can be stressors for all. These were the thoughts I had prior to gathering the Dirt Girls for their weekly garden session on Friday…