Embracing a Place-Based Approach in the School Garden

The Power of Place was the theme of Watershed Week 2017.


Backward Planning for a School Garden Salsa Harvest

Tomatoes start showing up in the big-box stores as early as February. To stay competitive, the locally owned nurseries probably stock them not much later, even though they know that it does little good to plant tomatoes any earlier than April 15th in Napa. Depending on your location, the low evening temperatures throughout the summer…

What Does It Mean to “Grow Slow?”

A few years ago at the biennial Farm-to-Cafeteria in Austin, Alice Waters delivered the closing plenary.  If you don’t already know who Alice Waters is, you should find out. She is credited with establishing an edible schoolyard at a middle school in Berkeley, which over the past 20 years has grown into an entire network of…

School’s Out for Summer! (Well, not really, but almost.)

One of the most perplexing challenges of the school garden is the academic calendar. Even in climates with a year-round growing season, summer is usually the most bountiful time of year. But summer is also when students are scarce. How can you ensure that the summer harvest doesn’t become a maintenance burden? Select varieties that mature slowly….