Common Core Cooking and Gardening for the Next Generation

Although teachers have a lot on their metaphorical plates, the evidence between health and learning is overwhelming. Linking food to the academic curriculum can nurture the wellness of our students.

Eat-Read-Talk-Write is a classroom-tested approach to developing food literacy in the classroom, kitchen, and garden.EatReadTalkWriteLogo This pedagogical approach begins with a shared food experience that sets context for literacy and science lessons. The cycle can be extended to include Planting-Growing-Harvesting activities in the school garden. Lessons connect to food literacy themes and align to Common Core State Standards for ELA/Literacy and Next Generation Science Standards.

This project is made possible through a generous Whole Kids Foundation Innovation Grant awarded to Carrie Strohl, Ph.D..

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  1. Linda Gordy says:

    Beautiful website. Beautiful work you are doing. So proud to say that you were my colleague!


    1. Thank you so much, Linda! I learned so much from you and so many others about the value of service. You encouraged me to make gardening part of what I would do for the long haul. I’m currently working on a grant that integrates literature into cooking and gardening instruction, so I get to marry all my passions.


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